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Hi, I'm Carrie

“I am truly happiest in my studio, among all the flowers, singing at the top of my lungs, and putting together floral arrangeements. Not just putting together arrangements ... creating art.”

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love art.

In fact, I’ve pursued it relentlessly since age six. I can remember taking art classes after school, creating elaborate “masterpieces” full of color and texture, and always eagerly agreeing to more classes. My fascination with photography began at a young age as well. Mom would always complain about paying to develop the rolls and rolls of film I would use on school trips and not having a single person in any of them! I was drawn to architecture, landscapes, and flower fields. Over the years I developed an incredibly strong design sensibility, and have excelled when volunteering or working in creative environments. At my earliest stage of adulting, I graduated from LSU with a General Studies degree minoring in Psychology, Sociology, and Photography. Constantly drawn in by the emotion art creates, I became a photographer, always attempting to capture the spirit of my subject, not just their image.

“I mean, what's the point if the piece doesn't tell a story or make you feel something?”

Roughly 14 years after becoming a photographer, a conversation with my friend, Renata, about our mutual love of flowers led to me enrolling in UL Lafayette’s Continuing Education Floristry classes. Throughout my courses, I started to become more confident in my floristry abilities and realized how much absolute joy I feel when creating arrangements.

After my state licensing exam, I knew it was time to go big or go home!

Posh Bouquet was established shortly after, but not to exist as your standard flower “shop.” Instead, I put every effort into creating an art studio, a space for creating the art I know I was meant to create. I continue to push the boundaries of your standard flower business, never limiting my own or my clients’ creativity. Abloom with endless design possibilities, Posh Bouquet provides vibrant floral art for corporate events, special occasions, holidays, weddings, or any other event. With Posh, it’s never just about flowers; it’s about creating art.

Posh Bouquet was created from a passion for flowers, a love of art, and genuine joy for creating. We’re not just a shop. We’re a space for creativity, where every piece is created to tell a story and convey emotion.

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